Sunday, 8 April 2018

Regenerate: Art, Activism & Agroecology Event

Third Space Galway are hosting an event Regenerate: Art, Activism & Agroecology that may be of interest this coming Thursday, the 12th of April.

"Regenerate will be an exciting and original platform highlighting the growing awareness and appreciation of regenerative arts and cultural practices, ecological living and food production. We aim to utilise this creative platform to engage the many already existing projects working in the areas of artistic and civic engagement and transdisciplinary collaborative practices, locally and internationally with a particular emphasis on arts and environmental activism." 

TSG has invited internationally renowned artist, urban activist and curator Jeanne Van Heeswijk and acclaimed A Field of Wheat artists, Anne-Marie Culhane and Ruth Levene to Galway to participate in events comprising of a symposium, workshops, consultations, and food presentations which explore our local community food systems and foster an atmosphere of conviviality and community around these issues in a local context.