Sunday, 28 May 2017

Photos of Trio of Preserving Day 21st May

Chef Ulriche Hoeche
Recipes to follow shortly.

Angler Brian Curran with trout caught day before event.

Dining outside at Siol Farm shop
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Pickled fennel flowers

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Wild garlic soup with pickled garlic seeds and smoked creme fraiche.

pickled ox-eye daisy
elderflower vinegar.

selection of desserts bought by members!


  1. Wow all the food looks yummy and so beautiful at the same time. I have always loved your organic way of cooking and admire all the members for keeping in track with it,

  2. Right now I am drooling over these yummy cuisines whose pic you have shared on your blog.I thinks that's a drawback of being foodie that you don't see anything else except food.

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