Thursday, 16 February 2017

More from Wild Fowl Event

Slow food Galway had another wonderful event last week........
A master class in Wild fowl at Cait Curran's Siol Centre in Loughwell, Moycullen. 

The day began with a hugely informative and interesting talk from Eoin Warner. He spoke passionately about the habitat, nature and lives of the fowl he shoots. His insights into the beautiful symbiotic relationship with his working dogs and the knowledge he had gleaned through working on the land within the natural cycles, brought a new respect for this old traditional way of sourcing this delicious fare. 

We then got an opportunity to appreciate these magnificent birds up close as we tried our hand at plucking. Stories of members childhoods floating through the room. 

As we plucked, Eoin explained how best to prepare and cook these birds, advising that erring on the side of undercooking with timings due to the small size of many of the cuts. 

A succinct and effective AGM followed, preceded by restorative tea and amazing brownies! 
New members volunteered to take on various roles, which will bring some well needed energy to a valiant core group who have kept this active convivium going. 

Lunch, as ever, was a delight. Game casserole, roast breasts and legs of pheasant, woodcock, duck and snipe paired with salads, great spiced beef and polenta. 

As always, members generously provided an array of great desserts that had me going up for thirds after two main plates! 

A great day, thanks to all who came and contributed. And in particular Eoin who did extensive preparation and work, to make the day such a success. 

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