Friday, 12 April 2013

Seashore Forage & Clam Bake Sunday 28th April 2013

It's That time of year again!!, you've guessed it!.......Seashore Forage & Clam Bake! We have a fantastic day in store for you!.
This year's seashore forage & clam bake takes place on Sunday April 28th @ 12.30pm on the Flaggy Shore, near New Quay.

Seaweed and Shellfish Aquaculturist, Iarfhlaith Connellan and Ger Talty of Spanish Point Sea Veg will lead guided walks and talks on the Flaggy Shore, near New Quay highlighting the abundant seaweed varieties available for harvesting and processing.
While you are foraging on the shore our Slow Food members will be preparing our “Seafood Bake” fire, cooking delicious fresh seafood to eat with a picnic provided by you, the members.
Ullrich Hoeche will demonstrate pickling of seaweed products for later use.
Bring along a flask of tea or coffee as we will be eating outside.
Make sure you bring along suitable boots/footwear for the shore walk. Seaweed shores are generally slippery and can be difficult to negotiate. 


Directions from Galway: 
Take N18 towards Limerick.
Turn right onto N67 towards Kinvara @ Kilcolgan.
Proceed through Kinvara on N67 towards Lisdoonvarna.
Ca 10 Km from Kinvara, turn right at sign for Linnane’s Seafood Bar.
Behind Linnane’s is Redbank Hatchery where we will meet and divide into groups.

€12 for non members: €6 for members 

Gather at the Redbank Hatchery at New Quay at 12.30hrs sharp.

RSVP Barbara @ 0879171414 by Friday 26th April

Monday, 8 April 2013

Slow Food Galway Visit to Moyglass Bakery April 7th 2013

Paul getting ready for bread making
Slow Food Galway members and friends visited Paul Illien’s Moyglass Bakery on Sunday 7th April to watch Paul prepare his classic sourdough bread using organic flour, water and a “starter” handed down to him from his parents who also sold their products in Galway’s Saturday Market. While most Irish people of a certain generation have warm memories of the homely smell of freshly baked white or brown soda bread wrapped in a clean dish cloth to prevent the crust over-hardening, the different smell of sourdough has become familiar to us thanks to people like Paul and his family. Paul also had a variety of muffins and delicious cakes on display.

Paul’s new pizza oven
After Paul gave his bread demonstration the members and guests partook of their lunch of creamy leek and potato soup prepared using Cáit Curran’s organic produce, Paul’s hearty venison stew using locally culled deer –Paul described it as having no-food miles – and Cobie’s delicious vegetable curry for the vegetarians of the group which were served with rice, breads and salads.. With the biting east wind penetrating all corners of Moyglass, these hot dishes were enjoyed by all.

Marion Roeleveld spreading the news of yoghurt

Following our repast, Marion Roeleveld of Killeen Cheese, whose list of awards from Irish and British Cheese authorities is a credit to her spoke to us briefly about the state of her cheese production at the moment. However, she chose to explain to us the intricacies of preparing yoghurt using different starters. If all of us picked up one nugget of information on all of these outings, we would be the richer for it. For me Marion’s comment on smelling the yoghurt for readiness was a gem. If it smells like milk, it is not ready yet. It should smell sour! Having spent four years in Tanzania where the Indian people and their food culture had a strong influence, one of the daily post lunch chores was to warm a litre or so of milk either on the charcoal remnants or the gas cooker, add the starter (half a cup of yesterday’s yogurt) , stir and cover with a cloth. The ambient temperature would ensure sufficient dahi (yoghurt) for the morning lassi and the lunch raita. But back to Moyglass! While Marion was speaking, Cobie and Paul were busily preparing pizzas on Paul’s newly acquired pizza oven. The simplicity of Paul’s thin, crispy dough transformed with passata and mozzarella converted this pizza so-soer into a definite fan. Michelle’s pizza with passata, cheese and cooked potato was a hit with the children
Delicious desserts such as blood oranges with caramel sauce, brownies, rhubarb tart and moist carrot cake provided the wrap up to a very interesting afternoon down in East Galway with charming hosts, good food and thanks to Cobie for organising this outing. These events don’t just happen – someone has done the backroom work.

Cáit, Mairéad, Mary and Máirín warming up