Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Brew Your Own Beer!

Brew Your Own Beer!

 “An Teach Adhmaid” Saoirsinn, Furbo, Co Galway
Sunday 22nd May, 3:30pm

Home brewing demonstration and tasting event at the home of Ciara and Josef in Furbo.

Brian O’Shea and Bianca Van Den Berg from Home Brew West (
will be on hand to offer expert advice on all aspects of brewing and wine making.

Bring a small appetiser to go with the beer! And, if you can, bring a fold-up chair or stool.

Limited availabilty, so please book early to ensure your place.

RSVP Deirdre at  087-6484147 or Kate at  087-9312333
by Friday 20th of May

Directions to “An Teach Adhmaid” Saoirsinn, Furbo
  1. From Furbo beach, pass Pádracins Pub on your left, continue for 400m on main Galway to Sipddal coast road.
  2. Pass 60km sign.
  3. Turn right onto road called Saoirsinn, Aill a Preachain.
  4. Follow this road for 1km  (½ mile)  keep to right, bog road goes left.
  5. House is on right, it is a wooden house with zinc roof, and wooden fence.

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