Thursday, 28 January 2010

 27 January 2010 , Ard Bia at Nimmos.

Well attended and we all enjoyed a Venison and Barley Casserole whilst musing on

What is Slow Food ?  Suggestions included:
 Eggs , a whole food.   Where do you buy them. Are they free range or organic.
 Garlic,easily grown in this country. A bulb from a member to each member present to plant in their garden.
 McGeoughs’ air dried connemara lamb
 A mouth watering menu from the late lamented “Ottos’ creative catering” in West Cork
 Dried beans, a true slow food
 Red cabbage
Smoked Salmon from Connemara Smokehouse
Excess produce to be shared with friends and neighbours, ensuring nothing local travels too far to be eaten.
Fairtrade teas and coffee which embraces the principle of fair price.

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